4tal.ru – Comfort for the site.

The Company 4tal.ru provides hosting services. High performance and speed, reliability and ease of administration - all this guarantees a comfortable environment for your web projects.

Tariff Plans

The Company 4tal.ru provides an opportunity for five days FREE hosting test. At the time of the test period, customer is provided with a dedicated personal domain, and a full range of services called for in the tariff plan selected.
We produce domain registration, provide advice to our clients. Our technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7-th days a week.
4tal.ru – Comfort for your site!

Virtual hosting ...
The Company 4tal.ru provides virtual hosting Internet projects. Powerful servers connected to the Company's high-speed channels of communication (100Mbit / s), which provides a permanent site to work from anywhere and at any time.Tariff plans of the Company are designed to maximize as much as possible to meet all customer needs, both novice and professional.

Technical support ...
Technical staff of Company 4tal.ru running the family days, twenty-four hours a day and nada a wide range of services - from verbal counseling to the development of Internet projects. Placed on the servers of the Company Internet project to be under close supervision monitoring system, since no amount of customers makes the company successful, and the quality of services provided.

Types of calculation ...
The Company 4tal.ru with every passing day, strive to simplify and create more comfortable conditions for payment for their services. Today, thanks to electronic systems such as Yandex, WebMoney, ROBOXchange, as well as a wide variety of banking fees received by the Company's services can be paid in whatever currency, and for the client anywhere in the world.